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  • What is the Stroop Effect?

    This is a test of mental speed and flexibility that was first described in 1929 in Germany and then published in English by Stroop in 1935.

  • How can one take the Stroop tests?

    The Stroop test have been administered on paper, computers and on apps.

  • What is the EncephalApp Stroop?

    EncephalApp is a series of applications designed to evaluate patients with liver disease; the first of which is a Stroop task.
    It has neutral and incongruent stimuli only.

  • What is involved while taking a Stroop test?

    Stroop tests involve correctly identifying the color that the stimuli are presented in apresenting three kinds of stimuli

    • Neutral : a non-verbal cue in which the goal is to identify the color, for example ### .
    • The correct response is red
    • Congruent : ink color and the word refer to the same color, for example RED.
    • The correct answer is red
    • Incongruent: ink color and the word refer to the different colors, for example RED.
    • The correct answer here is green, not red.
  • Where has it been used?

    It has been found in selected patients to be predictive of minimal hepatic encephalopathy (MHE) in two study centers.

EncephalApp Stroop App

This app will be available for download for free but the terms of service are noted above. These must be followed. The screen cap on the left shows the initial face of the app which has a "Settings" wheel that is explained further down.

Quick Play

Quick Play is to actually use this as a game without any pre-specified rules.

New Test

New Test is to start testing a subject after you have individualized the settings.

Test Results

Test Results will display the results that have already been completed and stored.

Why it is needed?

Current strategies for testing cognitive dysfunction are difficult and not very easily available or practiced in clinic

The app is a shorter method to screen and diagnose patients with covert/minimal hepatic encephalopathy (CHE/MHE)

Current Experience

“The EncephalApp Stroop App has been evaluated for the diagnosis of MHE/CHE and the prediction of Overt HE development in four centers till date. These centers are Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond VA Medical Center, University of Arkansas Medical Center and Cleveland Clinic. The experience shows that this is a useful method to diagnose MHE/CHE. Three peer-reviewed papers and five abstracts have been published with EncephalApp (Bajaj JS et al Hepatology 2013, Bajaj JS et al. Clinical Gastro Hep 2015 and Allampati et al Am J Gastro 2015 in press).
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EncephalApp 2015 CGH PaperFor the Diagnosis of Covert Hepatic Encephalopathy Stroop App Hepatology 2013Official Journal of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases

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Testing for MHE/CHE/ICT/PHES in the US Population

  • Get these details ready to get the results
    1. Age (Years)

    2. Gender

    3. Years of Education
    (Total Number of Years)

QuickStroop and Norms

What is QuickStroop?

QuickStroop is a shortened version of the EncephalApp. It includes 2 runs of the Off State in EncephalApp to provide screening for CHE/MHE within 1 minute. Read More

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